Monday, December 19, 2016

White Christmas!


Merry almost Christmas!

Yesterday, we had three baptisms as two of our investigators got baptized and 1 of Elder Libey's (Same district in MTC and current district) got baptized. They are so awesome!

Brother Khram was an interesting story. บ. คราม basically just showed up at church one day saying he wanted to get baptized. Turns out that he had already met with the missionaries but couldn't at the time due to him being unmarried and having a child. He has such a strong testimony and loves his kids so much.

Brother Gah, was my first investigator that I met my first official day serving in Thailand. บ. กร้อ was really quiet at first but is now super talkative and comfortable around us. He was so nervous bearing his testimony after he received baptism. บ. แอท (Brother Art), Elder Rawlinson's former investigator and now member baptized him as they are really close friends. It was an especially special moment for him as someone he taught baptized another.

Today we're going to Chinatown and Elder Libey and I are on splits as our companions had no interest in going with us. We also have to squeeze in a haircut before we head out so our emailing time today will be cut a little short.


From left to right, Elder Rawlinson, Myself, Brother Gah, Brother Khram, Brother Chase, Brother Dewy(Peace Sign), Brother Art, Elder Tuttle, and Elder Libey. Fine bunch of people.

Smile through any manner of great tribulation. Last P-day. Really photogenic looking Crocodiles.

That's me and Zoey! See you next week everyone! Merry Christmas!

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