Sunday, March 26, 2017


​I have moved from my precious area of Bangkapi. I am going to miss so many people!! I do not have too much to say this week(literally) so it will be kept very short and concise. I have moved to Asoke. It is central Bangkok and I get to work pretty closely with the Office Elders, Assistants to the President, and President Johnson himself. It seems they are keeping an extra close eye on me..Not to mention my companion being the District Leader!

My new companion is Elder Nance. He is from Salt Lake City Utah. He is a very interesting guy in the best way possible. Anyways, I will send a more indepth email next week. With much love and everything else that is good inbetween, Elder Miyagi.

The picture where Elder Libey and I are sitting on a bunch of chairs is one that might require a small explanation. 1 chair signifies 1 month left we have on the mission.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Ashamedly, I feel that I have been to some degrees holding back. There are moments I should have been more bold. Moments where I should have been more mentally invested in discussions. However, I am determined to do more. I am determined to give more of myself up. By doing so, the Lord showers us with the blessings of Heaven.

Yesterday night, we were inviting at a park on Nawamine. It was about 6:30 to 7:00. It was dark, and I was tired from inviting for the last two hours. However, I wasn't giving it my all. Meaning I wasn't truly seeking to find the one. I wasn't truly seeking to have a meaningful conversation with those I invited. The repetitive words of "Have you ever heard of Jesus Christ?" or "Are you interested in learning about Jesus? came out of my mouth. Without any conviction or pride of who I represented. Moments before going home, I caught on to the terrible sin of omission I was committing. Something changed, as I desperately relied on the Spirit to guide my words and actions. Phrases I never used to invite came out of my mouth. Questions and thoughts I never used for first discussions came into my mind. The difference was like white and black. It was lightning. The difference between a missionary who simply lived in a moment and a missionary who seized it as if he feared the moment would perish as soon as he let go became so apparent to me. Those fears were well warranted. The previous two hours, my half hearted inviting resulted in zero persons of interest. The final fifteen minutes of devoted effort resulted in four persons of interest. I was full of the Spirit, and at the same time I felt guilt. Should I have served how I served at that moment, I could have made much greater of a difference.

Before my mission, I feel that I was wrapped up in the same type of weakness and error. I did not realize the great work I was a part of. In home teaching and with callings within the church, we are a part of a great work that involves the salvation of human souls! Callings to watch and preside over one another, to protect one another against the spiritually destructive dangers of the world! How often I neglected church duties because it wasn't convenient at the moment. I now understand how selfish of an act that was!

I still have mountains to climb. Truly. I just hope that I am moving in the right direction. That is the beauty of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I am convinced that the more you come to know of him, the more aware you become of your weaknesses and inadequacies. But he has provided us with a path to become perfected through and in him. A path where as C.S. Lewis(I think) told us that littering is even discouraged. In ridding ourselves of all things that render us unfit to dwell in the presence of God. I know that this church is true. I know that it is a gospel of happiness, hope, and love. I am so blessed to bring this message to all of the world. To get to invest all of my time into the salvation of souls! How blessed I am. How happy I am!

On an off note, I have started eating at home.  Contrary to popular Thai Missionary belief, it is in fact cheaper to eat at home should you know where to buy food. Instead of spending ฿50 a meal, I only have to spend around ฿20 eating at home. By so doing, I consume less grease and "in theory" amp up my vegetable intake. The only con is that the other three Elders wish to do the same and we have a very small kitchen, fridge, and one stove. However, it's worth it.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Did You Love Me?

This past week I have been reflecting about faith. In Preach my Gospel, faith is defined as our belief in Jesus Christ. Our belief that he is the Savior of the world. Faith leads to action. This is how faith and simple belief differ. One sparks change and needs action. *I'm sorry this isn't worded as pretty as it could be. I'm used to teaching this segment in thai.

Anyways, lately I have had the thought that faith is not only this(meaning our belief in Jesus Christ)but especially so, our love for Jesus Christ. This real and pure love invokes within us a desire to follow him. What is needed to follow him? To abandon everything that is not of him. To sacrifice the natural mans desire to do evil. And not only evil, but the desire to seek lesser things. Things that are not necessarily evil but things that will have no place in the kingdom of God. Therefore the question that might be phrased in the life to come is this. "Did you Love me?" He will know us by our fruits. Our choices, thoughts, and actions will determine our fruits.

Am I prepared? Well personally, no. I am definitely still learning to surrender my will to him. All of it. So that one day I might stand blameless before him who loves me most. Who has placed me before everything else. He only expects us to "try" to do the same. He has prepared the way as he has won the victory. This isn't some hard unattainable goal. It isn't simple theology or religion. It is the truth. He has prepared a way for us to return to live with him again. For he loves us. I know of this to be an irrevocable truth under heaven. I do so testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

As the Children Are

So I bought a 1 terabyte hard drive a few weeks ago. As I type this letter, I am copying over 45Gbs of photos and videos. About 5 to 6 months of digital documentary. Sweeeet.

For about two weeks, I with my companion have been teaching these three thirteen year old kids. Surprisingly, they are attentive throughout the discussions (Although it is taught more simply to them). They without any exaggeration, pray as if it has been a normal part of their lives since birth. I was blown away as how they could pray. Never have I heard an adult pray like them their first time praying. Anyways, it was made known to us that one of the boys, Brother อิ้ว had a birthday coming up. So Elder Wannasri and I bought a cake, snacks, and of course candles to celebrate our investies birthday! It was so much fun as many other kids came over and celebrated with us. Two Elders who didn't have plans also came with us so it was a night for the books.

A moment that left an impression on my heart was when a cute little girl just watched and stared at the last piece of cake. It took time, but she eventually found the courage to grab it. She ran off and then slowly rejoined us. She found joy simply holding onto it. She explained how she didn't get a birthday cake her last birthday (Or a very long time. Thai can be tricky). A little child, perhaps 7 to 9 years of age didn't get a birthday cake? It was something I always took for granted. But to her, it was something most precious. I took a candle and lit it for her. We sang happy birthday to her, she singing the loudest out of us all.

Brother Mighty, a member who lives in the same general area explained to me how her dad passed away. I can only imagine the financial strain that is upon that family. For this is the neighborhood where the kids wear second hand T-shirts donated from the States and this being no small exaggeration! I was wracked with sorrow and thanksgiving for all that I have been blessed with. I have been spoiled rotten. So blind to the great many blessings that I have already been given. How funny, how those that have the littlest of all find the greatest joy. How those that are seemingly shunned from the world sing the loudest.

The Savior teaches us to be as the children are. He has taught us to believe without doubt and to love God with all of our might, mind, and strength. One of the greatest truths under Heaven, is that God loves us with all of his might, mind, and strength. He only wishes that we learn to love as he does. Why? For this love is what will bring us the greatest joy in all of the world! In the Book of Moroni Chapter 9, we are taught to rid ourselves of all ungodliness. I believe that he is only asking us to put him first. Not out of selfish desires but because the things of the world cannot dwell in Heaven. It will literally hold us back from returning to him. In a meager 5 months, I have learned the blessings that come of ridding myself of ungodliness. I by no means do so perfectly, but by the Missionary's set of rules I am allowed to do so more fully than I have done in the past. I am more receptive to the love of God. I feel that I have grown more tolerant. And more than anything else, I am sorrowful for some of the actions in my past that were not in line with the will of the Father. But there must be opposition in all things. That we might learn and grow! That was God's plan for us. Let us not be discouraged by our mistakes but let us continue moving forward with renewed convictions to do our best. That is all the Lord has expected from us. That we do our best and learn to love him more fully.
I am a believer of second chances. I am a believer of hope, love, and charity. Most importantly, I am a believer of our Savior Jesus Christ. As His representative and disciple I do so testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.