Tuesday, September 27, 2016

MTC Week 2

I love my life.  I'm sorry for this weeks weekly update. I couldn't organize my thoughts effectively, so each paragraph is a random memory or thought throughout the week.

Although I have now been in the MTC for about 2 weeks, it has felt like several months. Luckily, I love it here. There are very few places on this Earth where every single action can be in similitude with the spirit.

So the funniest thing that has happened this week despite our many miscommunications in Thai is probably when one of the Elders recognized me from the "Press Forward" music video. One of The Elders played it on the big screen and watched it with the entire zone. It was rather a moment of embarrassment but it was more funny than anything else. Ever since, I have been jokingly referred to as a celebrity.

So my first investigator became my teacher which was a surprise for all of us learning Thai. Both of my Thai teachers have such wonderful testimonies. I feel like I'm steadily progressing in the language. I have definitely been seeing how the Lord has qualified me for this work. 

In all honesty, the greatest challenge at the MTC has and still is the food. I miss Mom and Dad's cooking. Although I may walk through the valley of the shadow of death (lack of proper food), I will have pure bliss once I reach Thailand. Every other Elder seems just fine....for now. I do have to give it to the MTC for their chocolate cake though. Wow.   

Have I ever mentioned that I am on the top floor in the dorms? My classroom is also on the top floor. I suppose they found it necessary to build up and or tone my thigh muscles. No elevators for me for the next 7 weeks.

To the matters of the heart, the realization of week 2 is that one of the destructive weapons the adversary uses is that of forgetfulness. I think the reason of its great destructiveness is because it causes us to become ungrateful. To this end, it can derail testimonies and cause us to forget what we have felt and known to be true in the past. Although it is a simple truth, I think that we are all guilty of it at some point in our lives. Furthermore, I think the simple truths are what get us the most. This being the reason that the fundamentals in the gospel are so important. C.S. Lewis talks of how whether you are an atheist or a Christian, you still have to continually feed one or the other to stay firm in your beliefs. Otherwise, you will sway and dwindle in unbelief regardless of your beliefs.

One thing I am glad I learned here and not out on the field is how we as missionaries should treat investigators. My companion and I taught our mock investigator and put her on the fast track of extending a baptism. We were so caught up in extending the invitation that we didn't really invite her to Christ. We told her about Him but there wasn't enough depth to it for her to begin understanding who He is. As representatives of Jesus Christ or as missionaries, we are literally preparing to go to Thailand in His place. I realize now that we should do what He would do. The gospel was never forced upon anyone in the Earthly ministry of Jesus Christ. It was instead "offered." An interesting example one of my Thai teachers showed was how the gospel is a cake. If we throw it at our investigator it isn't very appealing. Should we show it to them, and explain how they can take a part of it by just desiring to, they themselves find a desire within themselves to come towards Christ.

Anyways, I learn something new everyday. I absolutely love the MTC!

2016 Mutual Theme: Press Forward

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