Wednesday, October 5, 2016

MTC Week 3

The older group of Thai's left for Thailand on Monday night so our zone just shrunk in half. Bitter sweet. They definitely had a celebration that night with party poppers and the whole lot of it. Turns out it was against the white mission handbook. No comment as I may befall the same path.

In week 3, our district had the apparently rare opportunity to "host." These are the meet and greeters of the new missionaries dropped off at the MTC every Wednesday. That has actually been a really neat experience. We have been selected to do so again tomorrow. Fun fact-the folks we "hosted" are leaving the MTC before we do. Lucky them. However, I love Thai so it's okay. We started learning script by the way. The squiggles and lines. I can't believe I'll be reading out of the Book of Mormon in Thai in just a few short moments.

In terms of spiritual sustenance, General Conference has been wonderful. Although I would share my favorite quotes, stories, and parables, I have left my journal in my dorm room so most of it will be out of my recollection. I feel that I more than anybody else needs a journal for how I simply cannot remember things. But for now, my favorite shared quote will be "Boys Be Ambitious." Ambitious in Christ. To be anxiously engaged in the work! In matters of missionary work, the more ambitious and engaged you are, the more enjoyable your time in the work becomes.

To matters of the heart, I feel that my most spiritual week has been that of week 3. Although I do not feel the details of the event that allowed it to be so should be shared so openly, it was by the obedience of five Elders to the subtle but sure promptings of the Holy Ghost, that two Elders were able to feel comfort in the work and purpose of the next two years of their lives. We reflected upon the small but consecutive and or numerous string of miracles that took place that night. I am a witness that the Lord looks out for those that strive to complete His work. He knows the desires of your heart and the weaknesses contained within it. However, by your faith in Him he will magnify your talents and strengths.

A Thai teacher shared the story with the talents last night. He made a comment I had never considered, this comment being that some of us have received more talents than others. However, it is possible for us to magnify and expand our talents. As C.S. Lewis points out, there is no parable or example that perfectly reflects its truth but for purposes of helping us understand the truth, it can be useful. With this train of thought, I think that we are like chess pieces. The Lord gives us talents and it helps us determine the type of chess piece we are. We don't have to settle in being a pawn although many in the world seem to be content in being so. There is nothing wrong with being a simple pawn but what happens when you make your way across the board? You may attain a level of glory no lowly pawn would have ever imagined possible to befall them!(Reference: "The Weight of Glory") Such is the power of the atonement. What is interesting in this thought is that we do not become knights, bishops, or queens for ourselves. We strive to become better to better serve the will of the King. The will of God. Every blessing given to us is not meant to enrich our own lives. Its primary purpose is to enrich the lives of others. It is by consequence of doing so that our own lives are enriched.

It is beginning to sink in as to what I have gotten myself into. I could not be more excited.

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