Sunday, March 26, 2017


​I have moved from my precious area of Bangkapi. I am going to miss so many people!! I do not have too much to say this week(literally) so it will be kept very short and concise. I have moved to Asoke. It is central Bangkok and I get to work pretty closely with the Office Elders, Assistants to the President, and President Johnson himself. It seems they are keeping an extra close eye on me..Not to mention my companion being the District Leader!

My new companion is Elder Nance. He is from Salt Lake City Utah. He is a very interesting guy in the best way possible. Anyways, I will send a more indepth email next week. With much love and everything else that is good inbetween, Elder Miyagi.

The picture where Elder Libey and I are sitting on a bunch of chairs is one that might require a small explanation. 1 chair signifies 1 month left we have on the mission.


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