Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 5 (Missionary Life)

Hello to all! I'm just going to jump right into it. 

The mortal ministry of Jesus Christ and the Atonement is probably my favorite verses of scripture to study. I have been so deeply touched by the atoning sacrifice of my Savior whom I represent and whom I serve with the entirety of my soul.

I am a little past my halfway point in the MTC! I don't know if I could ever say that I am "ready," but I am so excited to get out to Thailand! 

The reality of the Savior and His Atonement has been something I have been engraving into my heart. When studying things of the past, I learn things more as an ideal or a concept. It's very hard to accept it as something personal to me. But the life of the Savior has been more personal to me than anything else these last few weeks. Prior to the MTC, my feelings of "closeness" to the Savior was like a blinking flashlight. Now, it feels as if it is like an unwavering lighthouse. 

I realize that this closeness to the Savior is not necessarily my status as a missionary, but missionary life that dedicates an hour every day to studying the scriptures, the countless prayers, and the consistency of myself reaching out to the Savior in pleas of help, comfort, and direction. I pray that I may not abandon this "Missionary Life" after my mission, for it is something I wish to feel for the rest of my life. I wish I lived with such sincerity from the beginning.

As it seems that I have unintentionally shared a spiritual insight from my studies every week, I will share a short one. Abinadi has been one of my favorite Prophets as he bravely testified of the truths he knew to be of God and called King Noah and his Priests to repentance. The outcome of his bravery was death, but he did so with a courage very few of us come to hold in life.

So begged the question in my heart. How deeply am I committed to following the Savior? Elder Holland spoke of how we should be disciples of our Savior not just in the flush of comfortable times, but when all odds seemed stacked against us. When the cross you have been called to bear feels overbearing, and even when the road seems long, dark, and lonely. Elder Holland spoke, that we must do these things in deed, courage, and faith for that is surely how he Lived and died for us (For those interested, the talk is entitled, "None Were With Him") .

I'm out of time. Thank you for your moment of attention. 

Until next week, Elder Miyagi. 

P.S. Thank you Brother Nelson, and the class of Brother Nelson for your heart felt letters and beautiful care package! It was such a nice surprise after the evening classes. The donuts were devoured within moments by those in my zone. I wish I had the opportunity to write back to each and everyone of you, but just know that I am grateful for your words. I love and am grateful to you all.

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