Monday, November 21, 2016

Life is so Sabay

A large swirl of emotions never ceasing to find its climatic end. Which is a good thing. 
Food is amazing. Oh it's so good. There are these food courts here that are kind of like the ones you might find in Japan. But cheaper. A meal you might buy for about 50baht. About $1.50 in USD's. Delicious. I'll send pictures next week. 

I had the opportunity to bear my testimony in Thai during sacrament meeting. That was a really neat experience. I wasn't scared. I felt confident. Hopefully the reason being I have my trust in the Lord.
My new companion is Elder Rawlinson who has been incredibly patient with me. I love him already. He is from Gilbert Arizona. Half American and Half Chinese. His Thai is excellent so I'm hoping that it will rub off on me. I have already received quite an amount of coaching. 
I've gotten out of my bubble of uneasiness on the first few days with contacting. Everyone walking is no match for me and my bicycle. We have two new promising investigators since my arrival. Perhaps one. We'll see how Brother Kang pans out. We met Brother Kang when we were out walking to a store to purchase a bicycle for myself. We just casually started talking with him, and then began talking of God, church, and religion. He agreed to meet with us for a short period just then! We took him to the church close by, taught him the first discussion introducing the Book of Mormon and Moroni's Promise. Showed him the chapel and the insides of the church. It was so neat to have such a success on the first day of street contacting! Apparently, everyday is not like this....We'll see if that really is the case. The Lord has truly prepared the hearts of the people here. I hope that I may be adequate to relay the message of our Savior according to His will. 

The effects of jetlag have been minimal on my body as I slept nearly the entire plane ride. It was so nice to be able to sleep for a change.
I am so grateful for my opportunity to serve a mission. To meet so many wonderful members and potential investigators also! So many kind hearts are here in Thailand. So willing to listen. One thing I found interesting is that the people here are so shy! So you have to be careful when talking with them. I've been making sure to smile and talk with enthusiasm. In return, they have a whole lot to say and I kind of fade into the background and let my companion do the interpreting and talking. They talk really fast here...Very humbling. Very Happy.
Until next aathid, Elder Miyagi. 

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