Sunday, February 26, 2017

Swallowed Up in His Will

A second group of members are “honorable” but not “valiant.” They are not really aware of the gap nor of the importance of closing it (see D&C 76:75, 79). These “honorable” individuals are certainly not miserable nor wicked, nor are they unrighteous and unhappy. It is not what they have done but what they have left undone that is amiss. For example, if valiant, they could touch others deeply instead of merely being remembered pleasantly.

This morning, we had plans to go to an amusement park for P-Day. Elder Wannasri my companion opted not to go as he doesn't like roller coasters. The two other companions living near the mall Bangkapi didn't want to go either as it was about 400 baht. About$14. That's a lot in Thailand. Anyways, it would have resulted in 3 Elders going and 3 Elders staying and doing something different for P-Day.

Early in the morning however, I felt that I shouldn't go. For what reason I don't know. Perhaps the feeling of irreverence. Or perhaps and more importantly, because it was contrary to the will of Him that sent me. Early in that morning I brushed away the feeling. During my morning studies that day, I again felt impressed that I ought not to go as I was praying. This time, it wasn't just a thought, as it somehow and indescribably pierced my soul. Though I may not know the exact reasons I ought not to go, I am happy to say that I heeded to the still small voice of the Holy Ghost. By so doing, I walk with peace and a firm determination to complete His work.

Neal A. Maxwell has a talk entitled "Swallowed Up in the Will of the Father." This talk has been one that has again, left an indelible impression upon my soul. He describes three groups of people. More often than not, I think I might fall into the second or third category. The quote above describes the second group of individuals. Those that are honorable but not valiant. I feel that missionaries especially myself must exert a great amount of effort in seeking humility and trust in Jesus Christ and in giving the glory unto our Father in Heaven. It is very east to take the glory of many miracles that we have seen here in Thailand. However, this ought not be confused with having great joy, confidence, and pride not in ourselves but in the most high God. Confidence in Him is where true power, miracles, and even love is born.

I testify of the living Christ. I know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us perfectly. Who knows our struggles, burdens, pains, and afflictions. I know that he has a plan for each and everyone of us. I know that should we accept His plan, or accept His will, we will have the strength to overcome these trials. Though our burdens may be great, compared to the glory of God it is nothing. Of these things I testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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