Sunday, January 8, 2017

Great Week. Work Progressing. 6 to Go!

Great Week. Work Progressing.

We got an awesome investigator entering the waters of baptism, beginning her journey on the straight and narrow gate on the 15th!(Splash). We got some crazy goals between my companion and I for this transfer(6 Weeks). The goals is 7 baptisms. 7! On the 15th, it will be two down, five to go.
Sister อูด is so ready to get baptized already. We honestly could have baptized her due to her spiritual nature yesterday but she still needed some discussions. She is extremely sensitive to the Spirit which is what I imagine, every missionaries dream. She was crying when we introduced the Atonement. She has already read into Mosiah, reads and prays consistently and knows of its great worth and importance. A golden investigator given to us by a member referral! Go members!
Inviting is still hard, but through prayer and patience it has grown into a favorite activity. It's always fun to talk with the people. You have to talk their tongue. Not just the language their body language and everything in between. When they sass you, you fight back with the same eager enthusiasm and they are typically taken by surprise!(All within the bounds of that which is expected from a missionary) It is then that they take time to listen to you, and hear your message. You really do have to get in their space and face a little bit to make them stop but I'm sure they won't mind once they're baptized.

How could I forget, Sister กีฟ! Elder Rawlinson invited her outside of the Mall Bunkapi. This was the day I got half lost. We have had several discussions with her and she is interested in the idea of becoming a missionary! I'm hoping she retains this great enthusiasm as she continues to take the discussions! So many good things are happening this transfer! We have some other investigators but I will make note of them on another day. Sister กีฟ came to church yesterday, and she absolutely loved it! It is so good when this happens!

I feel that I have spent far too much time looking at a metal plate and sheet of glass 5 inches long and 3 inches wide for far too long pre-mission. For cheap entertainment nonetheless! It really is no wonder that many if not most of the intellectual greats existed before the invention of such things. You would think we would be producing great intellectuals by scoops by what we have available in terms of education especially in America, but technology isn't helping most kids and adults learn! Rather, it is more distracting to them. I love technology. It's great. But undisciplined, it is like a debilitating disease that mitigates your potential. Imagine your brain to be like a hard-drive. Fill it up with cheap entertainment and that's all you are going to be able to put out. Poorly constructed sentences, and shallow understanding in philosophical and or theological teachings and texts. In this sense, the saying of "You become what you eat" totally makes some sense. Cheap entertainment, or one of the Greats! A secular thought I just wanted to share.

Thanks for listening, Elder Miyagi.

P.S. I don't spend as much time as I should proof reading these emails. Sorry for grammatical errors. You are awesome.

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