Sunday, January 15, 2017

He Has Won The Victory!

For the"Skim Readers."
Alive. 2 baptisms down, 5 to go. 

Celebrity in Town.
I learned yesterday that we have quite a celebrity in our ward. His name is Nate who is from California. His parents moved to Utah while he was on his mission. Anyways, he has a YouTube channel called "My Mate Nate" where he just has fun! He is quite famous in the younger audience of the Thai people. He has about 1.7 million people subscribed to his channel and he has quite a bit of success here in Thailand! I got talking with him about cameras and such as that was a similar interest of ours. A possible continued hobby after I am no longer needed in Thailand (Although I'm still going to come back here like Nate.)

We had a baptism yesterday. And possibly one more next week, and one more for certain and possibly three more the week after. I apologize for the bad grammar in advance.

I am not even going to try to spell the place we are going to in English, but it is supposed to be the ancient settlements of the Thai people. Pictures next week for sure. However, I will attach pictures from several weeks ago.​

Above, service at an LA's house with the Sister Missionaries.​

Kings Burial Grounds.​ 

Switch off's with the Zone Leader, Elder Bundy during my first transfer. Getting to teach little children English!​

Kings Burial Grounds Continued. 

We Need Him.
Despite all of my many flaws and imperfections, I considered myself a nice "chap".  I went to church every Sunday, I even went to Missionary Prep. I did that which was expected of me and maybe even a little more. I felt that I had a testimony and I fear I let it get to my head. I learned that those that are content with their spirituality (their relationship with God) are closer to hell than those who recognize their great state of sin. It very well may be the oldest trick in the devils handbook. 

In this great state of helplessness that only the righteous perceive, they find peace in the Savior. 2 Nephi 4:17-19.

A righteous man knows himself to be a sinner, while one who is wicked thinks himself to be good. Therefore, a righteous man trusts in Christ and understands that he needs Him, while a wicked man thinks himself to be fine all on his own. 

I am grateful for the opportunity I have to serve here in Thailand! I am beginning to more truly comprehend the true nature of Christ and feel that with His help, I am beginning to stretch to His stature. Through His grace. Through His love. I know with everything that I am that Jesus is the Christ. I am His disciple and servant. I declare His word and I will never stand ashamed. In this cause I am sure. Never have I understood my great state of helplessness so deeply, and the greater enabling power of the Savior's love. By and through Him we are saved, for He has won the victory! 

*A few poorly paraphrased sentences from C.S. Lewis was used in this weeks email. As usual.

**Sorry for not being able to reply to some of the personal heart felt emails sent to me this week. I promise I read them. And I really appreciate them. I love you all.

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