Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lost in Thailand?

Fun story. Yesterday, on our way back from inviting at Mall Bunkhapi, I took a nap on the bus. Yes, you got it. I awoke to being the last person on the bus. Not only this, but the bus was pulling into (for ease of communication, I suppose we could call it the) "bus headquarters." It wasn't even a bus stop as it was literally past the last stop! This all happening due to a terrible miscommunication between my companion and I which resulted in me resuming my nap and missing our stop. A miscommunication made in English. Fortunately, my abilities in Thai has improved a little. I borrowed a lady's phone and called the number on the back of our inviting cards, informed an Elder of the situation and asked him to alert my companion that I was in good health and to meet me at the church. After which, I called down a taxi and returned to church! On the way, I had a good discussion with the taxi driver. I learned that he had two sons, one being 24 and the other 15. He was 47 years old and loved to sing! I didn't ask him to sing. I didn't want to put the both of us in an uncomfortable position..Anyways, he was not interested in the great message as he was Buddhist, but I gave him an inviting card with the information of when and where church is. I practically took him to church already as that is where he dropped me off so we will see what happens going further. Probably nothing will come of it, but his conversion would be an exciting story! If anything, this experience allowed me to plant a small seed. I hope that at the very least, he has had a good first impression of missionaries.

This is probably one of my favorite experiences on the mission. It was neat to find out that I really am improving in the language! Kind of having to play the role of senior companion in finding my way back home! What was particularly surprising to me was my lack of fear for I knew in whom I have trusted. It was so much fun! (Not promoting that you separate from your companion to gain experience for the fun of it.)

I heard that I will have an Elder from home joining me in the Field soon! Elder McCown! I have been informed that he will be entering the MTC in March so I might just get to see him in April or May! As expressed by some others, it would be an amazing experience to get to serve together as it wouldn't be too surprising for me to begin training from next transfer. Do I feel ready for that? Honestly, no.

I have been beginning to experience what is surely true conversion. Should you have asked me as to whether I have been committed and converted to this gospel before my mission, I would have argued that I was. 100% Fully, to the core, every atom of my body infused to the gospel! I was wrong. I have underestimated what is required of you to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. I have much to learn and am so excited for this beautiful journey. I know in whom I trust, and am willing to give everything up to follow him. I know that He lives, and by and through him we find the greatest joy. This being the only joy that can satisfy our souls.

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