Monday, January 30, 2017

I'm still alive.

No exciting story to tell about the lateness of this email so I apologize. Zone Conference was on Monday so P-day was pushed back one day. Sorry for the worry Mom and Dad.

If you haven't already heard, there has been some schedule changes for all missionaries worldwide. It is so nice! We can now be out of the house by 8am instead of the usual 10am (12 for greenies). Weird thought that I could be training from next transfer.

Sorry about the photos from last week. I forgot to tweak the sharing settings. Google Drive can be a little difficult to work with sometimes.

We had one baptism this past week which was awesome. Do you recognize the Brother giving baptism? He is our former investigator and now member Brother เก่ง ! Sister ปุ้ย is the one getting baptized. Brother มอสส is the one getting baptized from the other Elder's companionship. The Brother right next to Sister ปุ้ย.​

We were supposed to have three baptisms but we will be having two instead next week. Sister Gif was first contacted at the Mall Bangkapi. She brought her twin Sister Sky. Sister Sky then brought her friend Brother Butter. Brother Butter and Sister Sky will be getting baptized first this Saturday. We will have to work a little harder with Sister Gif. She is a wonderful girl but we feel that she is feeling guilty for some things in the past. We're letting the Atonement work through her. It is so amazing how by Sister Gif, two more souls were brought into the embrace of the Savior. We had a powerful lesson with Sister Gif yesterday. We taught about temples and I shared my experiences my first time entering the temple. The joy I felt. It was the first time I taught that I got a little teary eyed. Good stuff.

Anyways, repentance and the Sabbath day is something I have been paying special attention to as of late. How beautiful it is to be freed from things holding you back! I love that through Jesus Christ, everyone can change. No one has to be defined by what they did in the past.

So awesome hearing about everyone's mission calls back home! Keep the emails and joyful news coming! I love you all!

​Cute Biker Gang (Above)

​The Ancient Ruins! (P-Day two weeks ago)

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